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I am very interested in Marxism and have self-educated myself completely in Marxism and in Leninism. I read political books and read interesting things about socialism on reddit from time to time, but I have mostly kept it to myself. I haven't gone to any speech and debate type thing or socialist events, I've just kept it a personal interest for now, reading books, watching videos, talking to my 2 friends about politics. (one of them is reading this right now) I also am very interested in history, and military history. For an anti-imperialist and anti-war type person (not a pacifist exactly) I sure do read a lot about military and take a big interest in it. Mostly about the soviet red army and about World War Two. I've spent a lot of time reading world war two books, watching documentaries, videos, reading wikipedia pages upon pages of wikipedia. I also am interested in geography and flags, but every interest I have previously discussed I think goes together quite well. A recent interest has been philosophy. I find these deep thoughts interesting. It interests me how different people view the world differently, different approaches to different things both philosophical and political. But I am not really that active in philosophy. I just read about different schools of thought from time to time. Now, if you know me well at all, you also know I play piano and guitar. I have played piano for 7 years, not to brag, but an achievement I'm proud of, is being at college level. (arguably professional but thats not saying much considering that many professional guitarists play very very simply guitar, such as rock-musicians. Not saying that's bad by the way.) I am pretty good at guitar too, I've played it for 4 or 5 years taught by my grandfather. I also like video games of course, and classic video games such as classic nintendo games like Mario. I play ROBLOX and a variety of other games. I also really enjoy strategy and grand strategy games. I like country games or games that involve politics, and games that are thought-provoking. I also occasionally play shooter games too. I also like building games. (I realize how sloppy the writing in this has been from time to time but it's 10:02 PM upon writing this and I'm casual not really aiming for perfection). Now, away from my interests, and about details specifically about me. I have a good work ethic, I work hard, and I want to get the work done. I won't play video games till my homework is done. This sometimes makes me a workaholic, I will admit, but I also have fun and play hard a lot. I always try to be altruistic, but I can't say I'm good at it 100% of the time. I care about others, in the larger sense and the smaller sense, meaning, whether it's my friends or the needy of my country and of the world. I don't like anyone left behind and I like things fair for all people. I always watch my words and my thoughts when it comes to other people but I will admit sometimes I catch myself thinking something mean about somebody else. I love to travel, though that can be considered an interest, I love travelling, boat rides, plane rides, car rides, train rides, etc. Forgot to mention this earlier but I love movies. I love classic movies, action movies, sci fi movies, all movies. I love to review movies even if it's just in my head and not to others. It's fun to be a critic of movies sometimes. Sometimes watching a really crappy movie can be fun because you can complain about it for 30 minutes straight and feel like a professional critic afterwards. Anyway, sometimes I think I am overly compulsive because things left out on the counter or left a mess really irritate me (though not enough to make my room clean heh. i will clean it i swear my mom moved the basket into my room and its not mine idk what she wants me to do with it, its just making clutter. anyway anyway)I am also a curious guy. I like to hear about other people's points of views and I enjoy reading about things that I 100% disagree with. So I'm getting pretty tired, if you wanted a thorough, great description of me I'd be here for hours. Take days infact. Time to wrap this up. Favorite food? Refried beans and rice and cheese. A taco plate in other words. Favorite drink? Milk or pepsi. Not together though, EW. (I've tried it before). Favorite movie, star wars. Forgot to mention how much of a star wars fanatic I am but moving on, I think that's all actually. good night